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Crazy Man Crazy: Teds versus Punks and other gang wars

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Crazy Man Crazy: Teds versus Punks and other gang wars

Teds vs Punks - Book - by Noel Razor Smith


Not everyone was a Punk in 1976. In fact, most young people danced to a different beat and wore their hair in entirely different ways. Noel Smith was a 16 year old Teddy Boy who bought his first drape suit and styled his hair into a quiff just as the long hot summer began. By the time the heatwave ended, he’d become the leader of a gang of South London rockabilly rebels and led them into battle with all manner of other street gangs – including Punks, Skins, Smoothies and bikers.

This is the sharpest and truest telling of London’s gang wars fought between 1976 and 1982 that’s ever been written. Drawing on a cast of hugely memorable characters Noel tells the shockingly violent and sometimes hilarious story of what life was like for he and his gang of Balham Wildkatz. The clothes, the music, the pubs and parties of those far from golden years are all recalled in vivid and engrossing detail.

It’s all crazy man, crazy.

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